Suprised about GLSL........

I’m suprised there hasn’t been a discussion on the draft gl shading language proposals. Did I miss a big debate somewhere?

Just interested to see what the veterans think of it.

People didn’t post about it since the thread will become OT too fast.

There were a handful of posts in the Suggestions forum. Feel free to start a big debate there

– Tom

just out of curiosity, just exactly when will gl2 be out? thanks.

dunno, but i bet it will not exactly come out. but rather gl2 compliant extensions will follow…

there will be an official ratification one day, but it will possibly be available much earlier, just depends on how much a vendor wants to implement. remember there are gl2 drivers for matrox and ati cards out yet (for special dev-teams that ask for it), and i bet same is true for nvidia.