Supported Dual head cards (in Linux/X)

Does anyone know of a well supported video card for Linux/X that supports dual heads at 1280x768.
Can anyone clue me in on how good the support is for dual cards to accomplish the same task (two vga or dvi output per computer)


hi jadsys
i am sending some useful Link to you

Never heard of any of the cards mentioned in the above links. Most newer ATI and NVIDIA video cards support 2 heads. NVIDIA has good support for displaying the same desktop on 2 monitors or an expanded desktop across 2 monitors. ATI - not really sure - been sticking with NVIDIA because of their driver support though I think ATI has better hardware (and their drivers have been improving from what I understand).

Never dealt with dual head (2 separate video cards) driving 2 separate displays.

For your information, if you want two independent X
displays running off the same card (“device” in the X
Window System’s language) you will not have any luck
because I do not think it is possible. On the other
hand, if you want one (1) X display that is split among
two monitors, you will not have direct rendering, and
thus no hardware accelerated OpenGL…

Check on this, but I am pretty sure.

For a single video card with dual outputs I agree that a second X server could not be used. However NVIDIA cards can be set up to use multiple X screens on one card (i.e. :0.0 and :0.1) or as an extended desktop (single screen across 2 displays) or same desktop on each display.

I disagree about the hardware acceleration. I am using a Nvidia Quadro 700 XGL at work with 2 displays and I definitely get hardware acceleration and direct rendering (using TwinView).

Very nice! At least nVidia managed to get hardware
acceleration across two monitors. To my knowledge,
this is not possible with DRI yet.

I don’t have any truobles with nv twinview (CRT, TV) on gforce4 mx (don’t say its a crapy card cus i know). I got all the help i needed from nvidia’s readme and it all works great. even the problem of games going over two screens is taken care of (Found that one on the inet) directs second output to NULL. only thing there is that you need a difrent res on desk than on game.
Also if theres someone with ati experience I would like to know, think i’ll be going 9600pro/xt soon.

Greetz from holland

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