Support for Rage Pro_C

I run a revD tangerine imac, upgraded from 333mhz to 600mhz + firewire. I have OSX 10.1.5 installed. And I have noticed recently that its not supported by Open GL IN OSX!!! eeek!!! Please please please!! Add support for my graphics card… These are the errors I get:

Wrong forum - this should be on the end-user board, if anywhere. OpenGL is just a specification, it doesn’t write drivers.

Your best bet would be to contact ATi, but to be honest I think you’re probably out of luck. I’ve heard that ATi threw out their old driver codebase and started afresh recently, and since they have spanking new cards out and drivers have always been perceived as their weak point, I’d guess that they’re going to be focussing on improving support for newer hardware rather than obsolete stuff.

If it’s any consolation, I’ve had the same problem with a Rage LT Pro laptop under Win98; it’s not just a Mac problem.