Support for multiple Trackers with OpenXR

As input I need to use 2 HTC Vive controllers and additionally a arbitrary number of HTC trackers.
I know that trackers can act as a controller and there pose can be retrieved with"/user/hand/left/input/grip/pose" or “/user/hand/right/input/grip/pose”.

But this gives me the limitation that I can either use:

  • 2 controllers
  • 1 controller and 1 tracker
  • 2 trackers

Is their a way in OpenXR to use 2 controllers and multiple trackers?

Just saw a post related to this: Third handset or second gamepad? & other questions I can’t include a link to this, but it should be easy to find.

When I correctly understand it, that with the current specification it is only possible to target 2 input devices at the same time. In the future a vendor could add an extension to support more controller or trackers. But at the moment it is not possible with OpenXR. Is this correct?

Yep, that’s basically right.

Since OpenXR is focused on portable (that is, cross-device) development, we haven’t yet worked on how to handle “an arbitrary number of trackers” in some consistent, semantic way. I imagine it may require somebody who is interested in this joining Khronos and the Working Group to champion it through the process.

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