SuperBible CD missing source code!

I’m very annoyed to find that the accompanying CD to Richard Wright’s “OpenGL SUPER BIBLE” is missing source code that’s referenced in the book. Example: the Chapter7 sample on Raster Graphics is missing the LoadRGBA() and ReadDIBitmap() functions. I haven’t even looked at the CD’s other sample projects. When a book costs $50 I expect better. Very shoddy…

check out the website …

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check out the website …

There is no reference to a publisher’s web site in the book. Do you have a URL for the missing source or are you just suggesting that I try to find them on the web?

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Many thanks for the URL. I especially enjoyed “Will code for food” pic of Richard Wright’s

OK, let’s make this very simple: Is the “OpenGL SuperBible 2nd Ed” missing SOURCE CODE (not bmp files!) available for download at the URL below? YES or NO ?? If yes, please post exact file name to download and exact URL where MISSING SOURCE code file is located. I could not find it searching the site. Thanks.
P.S. the link is invalid: “Access denied” when you try to go there.

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That forbidden link should be

But the source code you are looking for is not there either. In fact the last date it was updated is marked as 12-3-1997

which program? ive got the book but there are 4 different programs in chapter 7

hey… arent those functions in the bitmap.c and bitmap.h files? i have that book too, and i thought it was pretty ordinary… i want to use my voodoo 3 for acceleration but there is nothing about that in the book ( i.e using a hardware accelerator) even tho it says so on the back!

anyhow… chow for now

acceleration is done automatically…

get the latest voodoo 3 drivers and it should accelerate it fine…