hey =)

i have a graphics project that i need to propose tomorrow… i have no idea of what to make… i’m not a very creative person =D
it has to be in 3D and i need to implement the basic graphics concepts of transformation, rotation, shading …etc.
i thought of creating something in which i’d have some random model (like a picture of 2 people for ex.), and have all the work focus on the camera, in which a user would be able to control it to move in all directions and go in a whole circle around the model (360 degrees), zoom in and out, …etc. However, the professor told me that this is way too advanced and that it’ll be very difficult for me.

so, does anyone have any suggestions for me? =)

Actually the thing you suggested is pretty easy, it’s just a matter of setting up the right set of rotations add a little math and then linking them to key input.
And if you limit your interactivity, like say that you can only orbit around the object + zoom in and out, it’s even easier and allows you to focus more on the model and shader parts.

Personally i would probably do some deferred shading thingey with advanced post processing, but that’s me, im’ the guy who insists on using mode13h when text mode works just as well.

For extra credit go here and learn how to render to an fbo, then add radial blur as a post process when zooming, it’s sure to impress

The first GL demo I wrote was involving some neon lamps… I wanted to implement light sources that weren’t just oldstyle points. So I wrote a simple vertex shader that integrated the lighting equation over the area of the lamp, which resulted in nice neon lighting ))

Still, if you are just starting with GL and programming in generall, you should star with something simple. If you have good programmming skills and a quick mind, you should try something advanced though.

I had to do something like that before, I did a pool table with 2 RC cars racing on it, it had a few lights like one above in the room, and a small lamp on top of the table.

It had an option to see the cam from the cars point of view.

Hi Lilly,

you could download and play with the latest release of my simple terrain engine (well, it’s more a demo than an engine… :stuck_out_tongue: but you need something simple :wink: ).

The code is not optimized, it’s just a brute force rendering with no optimizations at all, because I need it just for a proof of concept for my main project, but it covers rotations, translations, scaling, texturing, fog, so everything you need.

The code is quite simple, maybe you can use it as a starting point and replace the terrain with something simpler, like a cube.

Good luck with your project.