Suggestions for project !!

This is newbie here, have basic knowledge of openGL (outline of openGL program, drawing simple shapes and keyboard/mouse interaction)…

Now i am looking for project so that can improve my skills to next level, as well this is part of my mini project. Have no idea how to begin and complete project.

Following are instructor requirements :

[ul][li]3D camera rotation.[/li] [li]Lighting and shading.[/li] [li]User interaction.[/ul][/li]
I am looking for some suggestions that meet up this requirements probably some game, pointers for what to do and how to do & have time constraint of 2 weeks too !!
let me tell u first my other friend has chosen 3D world exploring project, so can not take 3D exploration project.

Need help desperately guys, so help me out !!!

Appreciate your Quick & Prompt response in advance

Need help desperately guys, so help me out !!!

No, you need to take you home work assignment seriously.

Yeah… Thats why asking for some idea as guys here are experienced !!!

And how exactly does certain expertise in OpenGL drive creativity in product design?

You’re facing what every computer science student faces everywhere in the world when given a task to come up with a little rendering project. There are hundreds of examples everywhere on the web. Please, don’t let others do your homework for you.

Let me clear myself, i am not here to get ready code or some ready game, i am not here without putting my efforts.

I had chosen “Marble Blast” game here is video link, but not getting pointers how to begin and where to begin. I am just desperate to kick start my openGL project.

I am not into guys who browse some online stuff and show as there assignment.

Since i am beginner and this is my first project in openGL, not getting enough pointers on where to start and all !!, need some guidance.

I am willing to work hard, but not getting right path.


Can u give me some pointers on how should i really get started ??

Learning basics from and as far now, learnt basic outline of opengl programming & user interaction…

Still left with creating 3D objects, Lighting & Shading…

Now, once u have watched that video is it possible for you to give me some idea on how to get started with MARBLE BLAST game ??

I had chosen “Marble Blast” game here is video link

Why? There’s a lot more than “3D objects, Lighting & Shading” to deal with when creating a game, especially a physics based one like Marble Blast.

Do you honestly think that one college student, with no game development experience, could ever make something even remotely close to Marble Blast in two weeks? If you do, then I strongly suggest you reconsider whatever thought processes led you to that conclusion.

In short: don’t pick a game. You’re not making a 3D game in 2 weeks. Just close your eyes, pick a simple scene, and try to render something like it.

What kind of project is this? Is this for a graphics programming class? Are you expected to simply know how to render 3D stuff, or are you being taught that as part of the class? Have you talked to your professor and asked for some guidance or idea for a project to do?

give me some idea on how to get started with MARBLE BLAST game

Yes, sure. pack up your laptop and forget about Marble Blast.
Seriously, it’s way too much for a first project, or a second, 3rd or 4th!
Just concentrate on the basics of understnding projction and modelview matricies. Understand how to create and manipulate a camera. Understand vector maths.
Perhaps then try creating some spheres on a flat surface, and then get them interacting with each other. Perhaps like magnets?
Investigate physics calulations to make the movement realistic. Look at physics libs to replace your own calculations and have all the spheres move according to Newton’s laws.

That should be enough…and if done right it will be cool because you are interacting with a stimulating environment.

Thank you, have decided to go with Marble Blast.

If i am not able to hit with in the deadline, will go with 3D First Person exploration.

And please accept my apologies, prior to this, posted same query in other section. When i came to know about beginners section, re-posted again. SORRY !!!

Thank you all once again !!

Thank you, have decided to go with Marble Blast.

Good luck with that.

Thanks Alfonse, will consider your advice and that tutorial is just awesome !! Thanks !!

Thanks Alfonse !!

Will consider your advice and that tutorial is awesome !!

Thank You !!