Suggestions for opengl project

I am just an opengl beginner and have reached a level where i can draw shapes like cube square and use certain api’s .I need to make a mini opengl project for my college course this semester which involves simple functions like lighting,shading,transformation,rotation etc .Can somebody plz suggest a good and a simple project that seems original.

Is it just a basic scene or do you have to implement a paper? How detailed does it need to be? My advice is if you can choose any project, be sure to do one that is easy, fun, and you can show pretty pictures to an employer. I was really surprised how much my prospective employers asked about my “portfolio” of projects instead of technical questions. For example, if you want to go into game development, implementing a GPU Gems paper can be a good choice. Image-space algorithms are usually pretty simple and rewarding. Like image-space ambient occlusion for example.