Suggestions for 3D contour map

This is not strictly an OpenGL question. Nor, is it a specific request for code, though if code is available that would be great. That said, I would like to use OpenGL for the solution.

I have an image with accompanying xy coordinates (of a moving mouse) stamped every Z milliseconds. This includes when the mouse is idle. What I’d like to do is make a nice 3D picture of this information superimposed on the image. The difficulty (for me) is that the coordinates do not cover the entire surface.

This is all intended as eye-candy for a research project that I’ve just begun. Any suggestions on how to approach this problem would be much appreciated.


I think you have a problem with contouring in joining adjacent edges - although there was a paper in Graphics Gems I about this.

Secondly, presumably the mouse can move all over the place, such that contours will overlap\intersect one another and most of them will not be closed loop contours. I guess David Eberly will have a answer if you post a message to him on