Suggestion regarding API


Can anyone please suggest any good APIs built on top of OpenGL?
Something like OpenGL performer or OpenSceneGraph.

i would be needing it mostly for terrain rendering.

Could anyone please suggest any?

Thanks a lot Dan Bartlett, glfreak.

Here’s some more

Thanks again glfreak.

Hello again,

Well i went through most of the links. i even tried OpenSceneGraph and OpenSG.

Well, now i feel that rendering a terrain from scratch would be a better option than learning whole APIs. But if i can merge low level API stuff with higher level APIs, i think it would be worth it.

What i mean is,

say im using OpenSceneGraph. Now i want to use some gl functions, can i use both together.

something like this:

/* Use gl functions, build the projection matrix */
/* Now build the modelview matrix */
/* Now i build some scene using OSG */

/* gl functions to render */

Can i use this approach. i would like to use the lower level flexibility + the ease with higher level APIs. Is this possible?


What i mean is exactly like the question asked here:



Anyone who has tried that approach? ie using OpenGL with OSG?

Or are there any other tools with which i can work, so that i can get the lower level functionality + some higher level functionalities?