suggest me a project

Can somebody suggest me a project(for my school assignment ) which covers the topics from,
and other primer.
(To get an idea about the level of complication -1).This project could be completed within 5 days .2) will contribute to 10% of my total marks).
Please suggest me ASAP.

Sim Apollo 11?
Maybe a huge dimension…But it would be a good try.
Lanch your rocket, send it to its oval orbit and finally land it on the moon surface. Wrap the Earth and Moon texture onto the spheres, set your gl_light.position to the sun, update your rocket position by its velocity and its vectors…
Let me know your final decision

Drawing a lamp on a table and a moth flying around the lamp flapping it’s wings. The eye should move to ensure you have the light transformation in the right place and that you understand the difference between model and view transformation. The flapping wings on the moving moth demonstrate that you understand transformation ordering. The lighting on the moth should be correct demonstrating that you have positioned the light correctly between the viewing transformation and the moth transformation.

Extra credit for moving the lamp and the light correctly together.

P.S. The lamp can be a solid of revolution showing you can draw curved surfaces. You could draw a bulb with emissive materials to match the light color. You could draw a lamp shade with alpha material, but don’t get too bogged down with it if you have problems with the lighting on it or the transparency. Draw it last with back face culling on, draw the inside then the outside of the lamp shade. Keep the surface normals pointing in towards the light for both inside and outside.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I 'll try to write the algo, I 'll implement the one which is feasible for me. Hope to get your help in completing the project too.