Subsumed Extensions?

I’ve just noticed that my Geforce 3 has support for nifty vertex programs and lots of other stuff, but it lacks things I think would also be useful in my project, like ARB_vertex_blend. Is this extension not listed because the vertex program extensions offer a palette of matrices to choose from, and that you should achieve the same effects through a vertex program that the older extensions offered?

It’s all well and good, but what about the people who use my program who do not have vertex programs, but do have ARB_vertex_blend? I can’t write code for it if I don’t have it!

Maybe the entry points are still there…

Yes, it´s removed, since ARB_vertex_program is simply better.

And don´t bother about that. ARB_vertex_program is certainly even on a TNT supported (well, i would think so), because it can easily be emulated by the driver, without a noticable slowdown.

I know that Geforce 2 cards did this, altough they don´t have hardware vertex-shaders.

So, go on, use it.