Stuttering on laptop...until fraps runs

I have a pretty basic opengl application which is reading in a mesh, applying a texture and rendering it to the screen. There is a basic “camera” setup that allows you to pan around the object. On my main windows 10 pc everything runs as expected. I recently put together a release build and tested it on my windows 10 laptop and the application stutters quite noticeably when in fullscreen (in windowed mode it’s un-usable).

I decided to run fraps to see what the framerate was doing and to my surprise once loaded the application was smooth as butter at ~540 frames (fullscreen and windowed).

Seems quite odd that fraps increased the framerate. I’m wondering if anyone else would have an idea as to what’s going on?

Are you using double buffering? One possibility that came to mind is that commands are being queued but not executed in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re not using double buffering and also not using glFinish()/glFlush(), that could be the cause.

It may also be interesting to see if the same happens on other computers or at least other driver versions (perhaps under Mesa).

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