Stupid question: what is the fglaccum() and glaccum() ?

I find many fgl…(),It is new for me,i never use them.what about them?
Have those fgl…() any relation with gl…()?

anybody help,please! 8~~(~~~

I have never heard of such a thing, and is certainlly outside the OpenGL spec.
In what libs/headers did you find this functions?

They are both the same thing. fglAccum is the FORTRAN OpenGL equivalent of glAccum.

Let me clarify that a bit more. In FORTRAN OpenGL, all the OpenGL commands begin with fgl rather than gl as in almost all other languages.

Uh, no…
What’s next? COBOL?

cglAccum, coglAccum or maybe coboglAccum??

and what about LISP and Prolog??? 8-@
[runs screaming into wall]

Originally posted by Serge K:
[runs screaming into wall]

I have a colleague here who works using Algol68 ! Anyone hear of it before ?

Actually, I had to learn it as I am responsible for converting his programs to C++ ! Funny, funny, funny…



Je… cool.

Well,I understand.thank you.
Fortran…@#$%^$#$$%#,yeah~I really don’t want to learn it.
what use of the fortan??

Fortran stands for Formula translator. I learned it in college in a required course. Haven’t used it since. (We used Fortran 77 in dos)

FORTRAN is like BASIC for math. There is nothing you can do in Fortran that you can’t do in some other language, and probably better too. The only use to learn it would be the remote chance that you may have to work with a program already written in it. Say to port it over to some other language or something like that.

If I didn’t know Fortran at all I wouldn’t miss it. In fact I have forgotten the syntax to it anyway. Though if I saw it again it would probably come back to me.