Stupid question about *.ase


I have got my hands on an*.ase importer for opengl but I dont know what program creates those files. I thought it was 3dmax but I cant seem to find out how

Could someone lend me a hand ?

Where did you get your ASE importer? If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate a link or something since I’m interested in this same thing. BTW, I thought it was 3D studio. Not neccessarily Max but 3DS. I could be totally wrong though.

Also, if you’re just wondering what program you can use to create ASE’s, I’m not sure but I think Milkshape will. Or at least I know it will import them. I also think Anim8or will do it ( And there’s a program called Win3D (not sure of the URL but I’m sure you can find it by searching) that will convert just about anything to anything else if you decide you’d rather use another format and then convert it for use in your app.

if you want to create a .ase in 3ds, you need to “export”, not to “save”.


I did try to export not save but I could find *.ase ? you dont need any special plugin for *.ase ?

Punchey :

I found it at nehe´s site “” check the news a week ago or something. Or you could always try to email the guy who did the cpp … namely “”.

I couldnt find any .ase loader on NeHes site only a .asc loader posted 20/9. You should be able to export to .ase from 3dsMax 2.5 or higher without plug-in. I am writing my own ase exporter. It exports your objects as a text file containing vertex arrays. It not quite finished yet. Exams you know.

I’m looking at 3D Studio MAX 3.1 right now. You choose File->Export A browsing dialog box will appear and it defaults to Save as Type: 3d Studio (.3DS). If you click on this drop down list you will see all the different file formats that you can export to. One of them is ASCII Scene Export (.ASE). Choose this, pick a file name, and it will export to an ASE file. The latest version of Milkshape supports 3ds files but not ase. The native file format for 3D Studio MAX is .max not .3ds