[Student Work]Hardware Requirements for OpenGL ES

Hello everybody,

i am a student from germany and writing on my bachelor thesis.

opengl is a part of my work und for that i need to know, what exakt hardware requierements opengl es 1.1 and 2.0 has.
are there any exact specifications for cpu, memory or graphics card.
a categorization in minimal, standard and optimal would be great.

thanks in advance,


There are no specific hardware requirements, OpenGL ES is an API specification, i.e. it only defines a programming interface and behaviour.

i understand, but can you explain it a bit und give me more details.

I’m not sure what more details you are looking for.

i do not understand, why an api specification has no specific hardware requirements.
does ist mean, that the developer can optimize his implemention for a certain hardware?
so that if he passes on serveral features, he can reduce the cpu power is needed?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The OpenGL ES specification says how an application programmer should write code that interacts with an implementation of OpenGL ES, and it says how an implementation of OpenGL ES should behave. It does not say anything about the means used to achieve this behaviour. If you wanted to you could probably implement OpenGL ES on a C64 or an original IBM PC.

I will put forward that you should have a computer that has support for OpenGL 1.5 or higher.

There is a wrapper library that you can download from here called something like dgles. As I recall, that library requires OpenGL 1.5 or higher to compile.

I have an older MacBook that only does gl v1.3, thanks to Intel, and it’s been a bummer to exclude it from GLES testing.