Stuck on mipmapping!

I know this is not exactly an advanced problem, but I’m hoping to have a greater pool of experience here because nobody on the beginner board had encountered this before…

Does anybody have any source examples of mipmapping with this glpng lib?

I have searched extensively and have not found a single thing (and the documentation is pretty much not there!)

I am honestly not even sure if it’s correctly supported, so if nobody has had any experience with this I would appreciate any information about another lib supporting PNGS w/examples on mipmapping; or even the same thing supporting TGA’s.

Thanks in advance, I’ve been stumped on this for a while :-/

According to here , png doesn’t support mipmaps. You have to build mipmaps on your own at load time.

Why do you need examples?

There are only 10 functions?

This library is one of the easiest?

And btw, GLpng uses LibPNG , which is the library to read Portable Network Graphics.
But if you need examples for GLpng I wouldn’t recommend using LibPNG itself… (no offense)

btw. Try this for loading TGA’s

btw2. zeckensack, he’s talking about GLpng, not LibPNG.

I think maybe I was a little vague, I don’t need helps because of the library itself perhaps, but I do because I have never done anything with mipmapping before. While I’m pretty new to GL, I’m very familiar with programming in general; that is why I am just trying to look for an example with source/images of someone doing mipmapping.

All the tutorials/etc I’ve found on the web are awful^10, and while the documented help for that TGA and the PNG libs were useful, they both only talk about using no mipmaps.

Sorry for the n00b question, but like I said nobody on beginner seemed to be able to give me a reply =X

Nevermind I’m sorry for clogging up your forums guys, it was just a problem that I didn’t know to use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR.

we all start somewhere