Strips vs. Meshs vs. Nurbs

Okay, I’ve seen three related but different ways to create patches. Apparently, you can make your own basis function and construct a patch using Strip primitives, or you can use the glEvalMesh2() function, or you can use Nurbs.

I am looking for the pros and cons of each. What do you guys favor and why? Has anyone ever found it useful to use one over the other when creating surfaces.

Thanx in advance.

What is the difference between strips and mesh?

glEval computes a Bezier surface while GLU can do NURBS. The difference has some mathematical significance. Some shapes such as spheres and cylinders can’t be done with Bezier but NURBS can.For something like a terrain, it doesn’t really matter but Bezier would be faster to compute.

The other choices would be to compute the bezier or NURBS yourself.

There are of courses other classes of splines.
You might want to pick up a book like “the NURBS book”.