string text rotation

I need to use a string text rotated, but as I understand from a previuos question in this forum, bitmap can’t be used since these are rendered from a raster position horizontally.

Then I tried to use FTGL library (Unix version) but I cannot render the glyph correctly. Is there any place where to find simple examples of OpenGl with FTGL calls?

Is there a better approch ? Since want to render strings from many different fonts I do not want use Glut.
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I don’t know FTGL but mapping triangles/quad with appropriates texture coordinates seems to be a common way the raster text in OpenGL(use of a bitmap discribing your entire font)

take look to :

the two font tutorials should help you.

Thanks for your reply.
It is very hard to find something good at that site - only Vc++ and Windows instead of simple c code and Unix -
If I use something like this:

fontInfo = XLoadQueryFont(xdisplay,
id1 = fontInfo->fid;
first1 = fontInfo->min_char_or_byte2;
last1 = fontInfo->max_char_or_byte2;

base1 = glGenLists((GLuint) last1+1);

glXUseXFont(id1, first1, last1-first1+1, base1+first1);

how can I retrieve or use bitmap for texture generation in

glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0,/* level /
components /
0, /
border */
&Image[0][0][0]); ?

If anyone is interested I found a good example from Mark J. Kilgard see: