Streaming my OpenGL Application


I’am new in OpenGL but i think this is not a beginner question…

In need a way to show an OpenGL Application in a browser so i think it could be one way to pas it in to a Video stream an play the stream form the browser.

I had develop a OpenGl application it show only some moving stuff. Now i want to make from this App a Video stream. So i can watch at my Application via Video closely to real the runtime.

Anybody has some Ideas get the stream fast enough? Is this with glReadPixels possible? are the some free Librarys to solve it?

Edit:And is independent from Computer, graphic-card and system software?

Edit2:Is using WebGL also a easy way to show the application. Is it complicate to pass an OpenGl to WebGL?

I’am new in OpenGL

Then it IS a beginner question.

Use WebGL, it will be way easier if you want “GL-in-browser”.
Simple glReadPixels is good enough unless you want to store FullHD video. Anyway, the stream compression or hard drive performance will matter more at this point.

Please post your next questions in the beginner forum.