Strange problem

When I draw some triangles/quads/anything, OpenGL draw them Front-To-Back instead of Back-To-Front.

1½ week before everything was ok. I played Black and White and today I start again to code and this strange problem appeared…

I have a Voodoo Banshee with driver 1.04.00 (lastest driver I think)

Can someone help me?

I don’t really understand your message, but heres what i think your problem is.

It depends on the order you specify your vertices for your polygons. If you specify the vertices in a counter-clockwise order, your polygons will be back facing. Clockwise wound polygons are front facing.

If this isnt the case, let me know. :]

It could also be that you have wrong depth test function.

I don’t know what happens, but sometimes my Counterstrike depth test stuff gets mixed up. I’m then really THE winner, because I can see all rendered Clusters completely, including the ones that would be hidden behind a box etc. I’m then the headshot master, since I know where the next head will pop out…

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useful to know

could be possible that caused by a buggy driver you lost doublebuffering… dark_brood, friend of me had one time the problem that everything whas rendered into front buffer directly… like that he could see every ****ing triangle drawed… drivers can do much funny stuff you never thought bout it

is the problem now all the time or just appearing after coding or something? if it dont move away i would switch the driver… i wish you the best

It’s just happening when i code something… alll my games works fine…

I’ll try to change my driver…

>>It’s just happening when i code something… alll my games works fine…<<

well this sort of tells u the problem lies in your code notin the drivers
have you set glClearDepth()?

glDepthFunc( GL_GREATER )


glDepthFunc( GL_LESS )

I have similar problem on my Voodoo Banshee
There are something wrong when glSwapBufer() is called. Its work don’t good. And i minimize it’s call as its possible. May be its your problem too?

>>have you set glClearDepth()?
Yes, like this: glClearDepth(1.0);

I’ll try glDepthFunc( GL_GREATER )
For some reasons that i dont know Gl_LESS never worked for me… I always put GL_LEQUAL

I post my code source so you can check at it and tell me what wrong with it

Window init:

ps: its in delphi but very easy to understand.

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