Strange GeForce2 MX200 64Mb OpenGL behavior

I’ve just bought a GeForce2 MX200 with 64Mb RAM. I’ve installed it but OpenGL behaves strange. It seemns to have some problems with the DepthBuffer.

In Both 3DSMAx & myOwn apps I have the same problem and I don’t know why

Thanks for your help,

Are you running your screen in 16 bit mode? If so, try 32 bit mode.

You’re running with a 16-bit z-buffer and you’re seeing z-fighting. Moving to 32-bit colour won’t help cause the MX supports 32bit colour with 16 bit z. Just push your near plane out.

What is that? Why shouldn’t MX support 24 bit depth buffer?


i have the same card
perhaps u have unified depth/stencil enabled (though there should be no problem) play around with the driver settings

It does support it, but you don’t get that many bits unless you ask for it.