Strange fatal error

I had VC++ working well with the MS .lib and .h files on my computer until I had to rebuild it. As far as I can tell everything is there, but I still get a strange error when compiling a test program. (the /system has .dll; /include/gl has .h; and /lib has .lib files)
The error is when compiling, it says “unexpected end of file in precompiled directive” …
I’m just not sure what to do, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

erm… you got pre-compiled headers on?

Look in project->settings->c++ in the drop down list is precompiled headers, try turning them off. I get nowt but hassle with them.

Then try a full rebuild.

thats a **** of a problem.
check all your headers for any typos eg semicolons missing.
best to comment out large sections of your files until the error goes away + then check for typos. have fun