Stippled Lines?

What’s the alternative to draw stippled or thick lines for forward compatibility with OpenGL 4.1 since it’s been deprecated or generates an error if specified?

Geometry Shaders

I mentioned “forward compatibility,” which means I’m developing now for older version that supports the line width and stipple pattern, GL 2.1, which does not support geometry shaders, not even my hardware. :slight_smile:

I could mimic the GS functionality by software for now, but still unportable solution when upgrading to a machine that supports GS and the product is already in binary format.

I guess, since OpenGL should take care of this and either do it in software or GS which ever the driver support, transparently to the developer, instead of creating two render paths and having to detect this on the developer side. :wink:

I was expecting something like, it’s deprecated but it will not be deprecated for a while :D. Business as usual!