Stereoscopic simple objects

Hi, I am new to the programming business and especially openGL. I am doing research in visual stimuli and I have used Matlab for stereoscopic imaging and experimentation before. What I need is simple screens populated with random objects such as lines of different colours and orientations but also depth. It should also allow for simple controls to pass to the next image (present/absent instances, in the matlab version I was assigning the buttons before starting the program) and record the response times and other info into a txt.

First I would like to ask the forum if there is a major difference in quality between stereoscopic imaging in matlab and openGL (both in terms of how it looks and implementation). Second, would it be better to use shutterglasses (used before) or VR Glasses (have access too) based on which gives a “realer” sense of depth.

Sorry if there are things I didn’t clearly explain, if you need more info, my Matlab code or anything else that might help you help me I will gladly provide them :). Thank you!