Stereo viewing with 2 beamers

We support stereo viewing by using quad buffers and shutter glasses together with a CRT monitor.

One of our customers want to use 2 beamers with polarisation filters to do large scale stereo viewing. Is it possible to use only one graphics card (or two connect via SLI) and the standard quad buffer mechanism for this kind of setup?

Btw, we have to (or want to) display some standard 2D GUI elements via Qt around the 3D viewport…

Quadro boards support passive stereo with two monitors connected to one board. Check the control panel for the different stereo options.
I found this in the release notes:
“Use nView Clone mode — Select this option if you have passive stereo hardware. This option is only available on NVIDIA GPU-based multi-display graphics cards. To use this option, you need to have connected the projectors to the multi-display graphics card and enabled nView Clone mode from the nView tab. One head will show the left eye of the image and the second head will show the right eye.”


Thanks for this info, Relic.

Just to be sure (since I don’t have an NVidia card at hand right now): “NVIDIA GPU-based multi-display graphics cards” means a graphics card with two outputs (e.g., 2x DVI), right? But GeForce-level cards will not work, because of the missing driver support for stereo viewing, right?

Yes and yes.