Stereo viewing and platform issues

its good to be back on the forum!

here’s the problem:

I want to develop a stereoscopic viewing program which can be run across all platforms such as Unixs, Windows. I will be using Nuvision 60GX 3D glasses.

It will be a GUI based, real time application which will also involve large amount of number crunching and image processing.

I would really appreciate suggestions about which one of these three to use:


  • fast and low level API (more control)
  • platform independance?
    • need to ship platform specific gl dlls?


  • slow and high level
  • has special functions for stereo viewing
  • uses OpenGL, so wherz the advantage?


  • faster than J3D
  • stereo viewing??
  • allows native calls to gl?

i’ve seen the websites of the above and know the basic differences. What i’m looking for is some solid insight to decide what to use for making a platform independant, GUI based, real time, stereoscopic viewing app. Any resources on 3D stereo in GL, JPS files etc. are also welcome.

Appreciate your help!!!