stereo output on two DVI outputs

I would like to generate stereo using two beamers with polarizing filters using the quad buffer mode.
I have a Quadro FX4600 with two DVI connectors.

Is it possible to make left come out of DVI connector A and right out of DVI connector B?

The linux release notes talk about an option,
Option “Stereo” 4 to provide exactly what you need.
Also mentionned in the windows driver documentation, passive stereo on 2 displays with a single is gpu is supported, even under vista/7

Some time ago I did passive stereo simply with a dual head card, no need for actual quad buffer.
Put the desktop in span mode, create a large GL window covering both screens, render left eye on A, render right eye on B, swapbuffers. Of course this is less convenient than quad buffered API.