stereo help!

Hi! When you display images using stereo mode and use two glasses. The program draw the two windows. Is it correct? and also if it draws two windows each window should have the right and left image respectively. Isnt it? I have written a program for stereo images It creats two windows one window cant be seen and in the windows it displays both the images together and if you wear the glasses then when it switches the right glass still you can see both the images instead of just right image same is happening for the left image. Is it correct or this is just the way opengl works. Please can anyone help.

Many Thanks

I understant barely what you say.
You have lcd shutter glasses right ?
SO you need a proper GL driver (ex. Nvidia stereo), a connection between your glasses and the PC, then just draw your left and right images on GL_BACK_LEFT, GL_BACK_RIGHT buffers with glDrawBuffer.

how are you generating your two images? to do stereo you need to change your frustum projection to be asymetric to the left/right for alternating eyes. also remember the adjust your camera position left/right for each eye.