stereo display!

Hi! I have written a program to display to stereo images and tried to view it with the stereo glasses. It was nothing like the stereo effect it should have, I could see both the images and the glasses were not shutting donw for left and right image.

  1. I am using stereographics’s stereo glasses.
  2. The two images that were being displayed well
    they were one above the other and not on the
    screen out side the screen. I was not able to
    see the images.

I was wondering is it possible that something was wrong with the glasses or the way I have written my program. The main in the program looks like:

int main( int argc, char *argv[], char *envp[] )

    glutCreateWindow("Stereo Image Viewer");

    BitmapBits1 = LoadDIBitmap("pic1.bmp", &BitmapInfo1);
    BitmapBits2 = LoadDIBitmap("pic.bmp", &BitmapInfo2);

     return (0);


I was wondering if someone could help me out as I am really confused.

Many Thanks


P.s- DO I need to use the screen for stereo affect instead of the glasses?

If you have a card and glasses that supports the native opengl stereo mode you need to draw the scene twice, one time in GL_BACK_LEFT and one time in GL_BACK_RIGHT with a slight difference in the projection matrices.

how are you doing your display?