Stereo confused.

Here is what I learned from my web search for stereo rendering with shutter glasses ( for win2K). Could you tell me if its true or not and any suggestions on the issue please.

  1. To do real stereo rendering with quad buffers (left/right, front/back, dual z-buffers) I need a high end card such as nvidia-quadro or ati-firegl 3,4.

2- nvidia has stereo driver but that is a fix for monoscopic full screen games it doesnt support OpenGL quad buffers.

  1. geforce/2 can be turned into quadro/2 by some soldering. Do I get quad buffers that way?

4- any other way to do this? I have ordered eye3d shutter glasses and I was planning to make the v-sync controller myself.

Thanks in advance!

  1. yes. I was able to use quad buffering on virtually all the SGIs I programmed on, but not on my consumer-grade gaming cards up to and including the GF3.
  2. yes. works very well for what it does, you might consider writing all the code except the stereo rendering procedure, and testing your program this way until you can get a quad-buffer capable card.
  3. supposedly. Do you really want to break your gf2 for a quad-buffered card that only has 32 mb ram?
  4. no. Also, shouldn’t your glasses come with a vsync controller?.. my vrjoy2000s did.

Thanks! Meanwhile I found that the 3dlabs Oxygen VX1 supports stereo quad buffers and is only ~$100. I`m afraid their stereo mode is interleaved (one image shown, odd/even lines belong to left/right buffers) only, no page flipping. I wonder how the image quality would be?

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