Stereo buffering?

??? Is there a way to use stereo buffering? On my card, the program crashes all the time… (an extesnion not found)

Your not giving us much to work with…

  1. What program crashes?
    If you wrote it, show us some of your stereo-code.

  2. What card?

  1. I didn’t write it, I think I downloaded it from Romka Graphics…
  2. NVidia GeForce2 Pro

GF2 doesn’t support stereo pixel formats AFAIK.

– Tom

What about GF4MX440???

I’ve just tried it on a GF4 and it doesnt work… I think I wont continue trying that )

But stereo-rendering was possible with gf1 even, some of the cards even included stereo-goggles.

You could try stereo buffering in some game, just to make sure it works.
Quake3 and most q3-based games support it, however I cant recall the commands to enable it…

AFAIK stereo buffering is only supported on the Quadro range of cards.

FXO, the stereo glasses included with some cards are shutter glasses. It is a different kind of stereo to stereo buffering.