Stereo apps on ASUS-7700 deluxe and Win98se

Has anyone done any Stereo work with an ASUS-7700 deluxe on Windows 98se? I’ve written some code to monkey around with it and it doesn’t appear as thought the left and right frames are actually alternating but rather being shown at the same time. I’ve checked my pfd after choosing a pixel format and PFD_STEREO still appears to be set. Are there specific settings on the card that need to be made. I’ve enabled Stereoscopic mode but haven’t changed too much else. I’ve also tried knocking down my res to 1024x768 to be able to bumb the refresh up to 100hz to match the refresh on the stereo settings tab. Any one have any clues or pointers to places where i could get some help on this? Anything would be greatly appreciated…

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I don’t have your hardware/software configuration, but I also have an asus deluxe and enjoy the glasses with opengl stuff. Here’s what I do:

You have to stick with high resolutions, see the manual. If you want something in stereo at 640x480 you’ll have to run it at 1024x768 at least (or even 1280x1024 I can’t remember exactly). Then you have to change the settings for OpenGL VR on the Asus control panel “Enable Stereoscopic Mode”. It has worked fine for me. As for the pixel mode you don’t set it to stereo if you want the asus to do the work for you. Any OpenGL regular application that uses full screen (not maximized, must be full screen)will display in stereo if your default resolution is high enough and if stereoscopic mode is enabled.


What I’m wondering is if there is any way to get real quad-buffering with the ASUS driver. Can I actually set up a GL_STEREO (or whatever it is) context and set my buffers to GL_LEFT and GL_RIGHT (as I do on my Oxygen GVX1 card, for example)?

While I’m at it, does anyone know of any card manufacturer planning to ship an nVidia based card which has the standard 3-pin stereo sync interface on the back (so I can use it with my CrystalEyes)?

Thanks for the info, I still haven’t got my app to switch to Stereo using the OpenGL VR settings but at least I won’t continue beating my head into the ground trying to get BACK_LEFT and BACK_RIGHT buffers working with PFD_STEREO. Unless someone out there knows of a way to get that to work???

Does anyone have a good pointer to some examples of full screening with Win32? I want to make sure I'm doing it properly...

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It dos not work. NVIDIA drivers do nto support this mode. Hvae a lokk on:
for supported graphic cards …