Stencil Buffer

I want use the stencil buffer for a reflection effect in a pure Win32 program, but when I enable the stencil buffer the performance low dramaticaly. 3 or 4 fps in window mode. I’ve try with 1, 8 and 16 in PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR.cStencilBits parameteter but I didn’t obtain any change.

I guess that the problem is in the OpenGL context creation.

Somebody know what is the solution?

You need to be in 32bpp mode and then request 24 bit z and 8 bit stencil. Works here.

I just try it, and it doesn’t work

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What video card are you using?

It’s a Intel 810 Graphics Controller.

And yes, it’s possible that this card doesn’t have stencil buffer with hardware support, but I’ve run glut examples with stencil buffer and them run well.

I going to try with other card.