Stencil Buffer Problem

Hi, I have a Problem with the stencil buffer. I request a 8Bit stencil buffer (PIXELDATAFORMAT) in Win2k. In window mode, the stencil buffer works ok (80 FPS). But in fullscreen mode, there is a fatal slow down of the application (1 FPS). If i disable the stencil buffer, window and fullscreen mode work with the same speed. The only difference between this two modes is, that the window mode runs in true color (32Bit/pixel) and the fullscreen mode runs with 16Bit/pixel. My graphiccard is a GeForce2. Has anyone an idea how i could solve this problem (without removing the stencil buffer Thx, Stone.

Have you tried using a 24bit vmode with 8bit stencil for fullscreen? Supposedly that should give you stencil buffer at no cost to performance (at least on TNT2s).

The stencil buffer is not accelerated in 16-bit colordepth on NVIDIA hardware. That’s why the application is running slow in 16-bit colordepth with a stencil buffer. You have to use 32-bit colordepth.

However did I hear that upcoming drivers will let this cease to be the case for GF2Mx’s & GF3’s?

Is there any way to use 16Bit color mode with a stencil buffer, or is a stencil buffer only in 32Bit color mode available on GeForce2 GTS ??
How could i see if the driver uses a software or hardware stencil buffer ?

There is absolutely no way to get a hardware stencil buffer in 16-bit color unless you have a GF3.

You don’t need new drivers to get 16-bit Z with 32-bit color with a GF2 MX. This has been supported since 6.xx drivers (if not longer).

  • Matt