I want to start learning openGL. What’s the best way ? What books should I buy? What is the necessary background ( I already know something about C ) . What language should I start learning for coding? What coding program should I use ? Thank you

Buy the redbook, or read it on the net.
Look up the tutorials you can find on this web site and hang on to this forum…

I dont know what youve got, but in the class library you use, you can find sometimes some tutorials on OpenGL aswell.

I did the Nehe:s tutorials and read the redbook (that book is REALLY good) and as I use wxwindows, they have some sample code aswell…

stay tuned and good luck!!


I definitely reccommend the redbook. The tutorials were helpful, but expanding off the examples in the book also work very well… The forum is quite helpful as well. Just stick with it.

Just to fill in the post above, you’ll find NeHe’s tutorials at

Hope it helps,


BTW - Get the redbook