Starting with OpenGl

Is there anyone who can walk me through opening one of the Open Gl SDK examples in Code Warrior 5.0? I’m VERY new to this, obviously. Thanks. LARRY2001

You might want to drag the OpenGL SDK folder (or an alias) to the MacOS Support folder or else another in the Codewarrior IDE’s folder.

Then open up a sample project. Probably it would be best to start with a simple one like the ones under source->examples->intros.

Click the button to the right of the popup menu at the top portion of the project window. Click on access paths, and change the universal headers one to just {Codewarrior}:MacOS Support:Universal.
Then add a path to the OpenGL SDK folder.
Close that window and save, then try command-U or bring up to date which will check the syntax and show you if there are errors. To build the app, hit command-M for make.

You might also check out the OpenGL tutorials at for introductory macintosh projects.