Starting with opengl coding

Anyone knows any tutorial or webpage to start with opengl programming?
I use C/C++ and I don’t know anything of opengl =)

Might want to take a look at the tutorials at

I like the page that the guy above suggested, but there’s a problem with the code in the first lesson there. For some reason, I simply cannot get it to compile with the gluPerspective() function used.

I’m probably making a mistake somewhere, though, that guy seems to know his openGL .

What are the compile errors you are getting? Perhaps we can tell you your problem. Are they actual compile errors, or linker errors? Your probably is probably either
a) You didn’t inlcude <GL/glu.h> (Or you don’t have it for some reason
b) You failed to add glu32.lib to the list of libraries to compile.

It would also help to know what compiler you are using.