Starting Programming

Hi everybody!
some basic info upon myself… I’m a modeller/animator working with 3dMax very interested in gaining as much knowledge and practice within game development… I intend to produce a game. (life mission plan!)… whilst in uni I produced a basic window and a moving rotating multi-coloured box using 2D OpenGl. I have a reasonable grounding of C programming, graphical mathematics (currently reading Computer Graphics Cversion by Hearn and Baker 2ndEdit) and Computer Graphics-Mathematical First Sets by Egerton and Hall (maths revision)…
but the reason I say all this… is because I would like to know: OpenGl is a library of graphics extensions and sintax that aids the C program, yes or no? do I need a OpenGl compiler? where do I get an OpenGl compiler or OpenGL library of extensions? which books are the most comprehensive with regard to OpenGL- which are a definite need to read? and any other information about the requirements that I have to have before and during my introduction to programming for games… ohhh… I hope that some day I’ll be of standard to design a generally decent Games Engine so books and info upon that if anyone has any…
Thanks guys… sorry about the long post.

Well, fist, to my point of view, modeling and programming went to different ways. I’ve also done some modeling but I stopped it few years ago: it’s really two different things now.

Then, you’ll need good knowledges of C or C++.

Concerning books, The opengl reference manual is for me the best choice. Then Web info add very well to this book.

Now, OpenGL is a Library as stippled. It’s not an overset of C. It’s just new functions and others created in C. So you don’t need any openGl compiler. You’ll need only the libraries (gl, glu and so) and the matching headers.

What else could I say ?


…and welcome. I would also recommend the Opengl Reference. Also,be sure to pick up the opengl bible. Additionally, you may want to pick up some math books

Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics Philip J. Schneider, et al

3D Computer Graphics, Third Edition Allan Watt

Online sources

Best opengl tutorial: