Starting OpenGL 2.0 development?

I’m building a particle system for my final year project at University and currently it’s all working fine with standard GL_POINTS but I’m wanting to switch to using OpenGL 2.0s point sprites.

I’ve got the new Redbook and it mentions to do “glEnable(GL_POINT_SPRITE);” but this fails. I’m assuming the reason for this is because I’m still developing using the 1.4 library.

How can I get hold of and install OpenGL 2.0? I’m running Visual Studio .NET 2003.

To install OpenGL 2.0, you only need to install the newest driver for your GPU. Use glGetString(GL_VERSION) to determine which OpenGL version you have installed.

You may also need the newest version of glext.h. You can download it from here:

In general, use GLEW and just make sure your driver is upto date.

Not to forget the most important point: You need to have a graphics board which is capable of running OpenGL 2.0 functionality.