Standart shader language

This topic is based at thread
‘beginners/3DLABS OpenGL 2.0 specification’

And I wanted to move question about shader language to other topic, as for me it’s importable.

So, what do you thing of having
standart low level shader language(for OpenGL)
that can be executed by card GPU?
As for me, it’s cool.

Do 3DLabs have an BNF specification for the shader language and if so can they post it. As well as a language specifiaction , won’t there have to be a PCode or VM code to go with it, can a spec be posted for that too.

We are working hard in preparing white papers covering all aspects of OpenGL 2.0. More specifically the shading language paper gives a tutorial introduction to the shading process, a description of the shading language and how it integrates into the OpenGL pipeline, BNF of the grammar and lots of examples.

Before we can make the papers publicly available they need to be reviewed by the ARB members, key ISV s and academics.

We don’t have a time line for this, but it is being treated as a mater of urgency and once the review process has been done we will notify