sRGB internal format

I am using sRGB with glTexImage2DMultisample and found that when even if i i don’t glEnable(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB);, i get proper output and when i enable it i get little bit faint output with same colors.
I read that while using sRGB internal format we need to enable it then only OpenGL converts into sRGB color space. So if above behavior is correct please tell me how driver behaves when we don’t enable it.

What is “proper output”?

A description of how this enable works is available on the wiki.

same output when i use GL_RGBA format.

The entire point of using sRGB images in the framebuffer is to not have the “same output when i use GL_RGBA format.” The point is to do automatic, free gamma correction.

You shouldn’t expect to get the same images, because your previous rendering was wrong. And every decision you made based on your previous rendering was likewise wrong. So the problem isn’t the feature; it’s your expectations.