Spreading problem

Hi, I’ve been trying to design an optimal spreading program for this computer game: www.node-def.com, but I lack the mathematical skill to solve this trough calculation, so I hope you guys can help me on this.

The idea is that you program a node, wich will perform the programmed instructions according to priority and possibility. All I am intrested in, is how I can program a node to let it replicate itself as fast as possible.
The node can be instructed to replicate in all direction, withing 360 degree. Between a distance of 1-100.
To create a new node costs 2 seconds, to travel a distance of 1 takes 0.1 second, to transfer the programmed instructions takes 0.3 second per instruction, i.e. replication order.
The diameter of a node is 20 distance.
What I would like is a node that spreads forward as fast as possible and as close as possible.

I hope someone knows the solution for this.


This doesn’t seem like an OpenGL question.