split polygon problem when antialiasing


when rendering a quad with the following settings, i have the problem that the antialiasing not only occurs on the edges of the quad, but visibly on the edges of the triangles which make up the quad.


i have the same problem when making a solid circle from a triangle fan, when i enable antialiasing i can actually see the outline of each fan

is there any way to avoid this???

thanks in advance


The hardware always rasterize triangles.
Polygon smoothing is not the same as MSAA/FSAA. it is a kind of older/less correct ways of antialiasing.
Try disable depth testing, but it will bring other problems.

ah thanks, that brings me closer to a solution

i did a search for MSAA/FSAA, but didnt see anything OpenGL specific. i have no idea what it is, so if anyone can post some links id be very grateful.

btw tried disabling depth testing, but it didnt help.

thanks again

Sorry for being unclear.
The extension you are looking for is : http://opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/multisample.txt

great, thanks, i will check it out