Spherical Mapping: Texture Creation

How is everyone doing?! :slight_smile:

I am using spherical texture generation for some of my objects to simulate better reflection effects. The objects that I am applying it too are similar to a streched cube with smooth curves on corners (I got many of them of the same size and shape), and yes I know that there is Cube-mapping texture generation but I want to avoid it for performance results.

However my problem is that I don’t know how to create the textures so that they look good!
I use to Photoshop’s Distort filter to convert from rectangular to polar coordinates to make the textures, but I never know how they will finally look on the model until I test them, and this trial and error technique has produced no good results! Is there an intelligent way for making the texture?!

Thanks so much in advance!

…mmm… I guess no one understood my question.

I am looking for a program that would let me paint a texture on runtime and then save it. Like SkyPaint, but with any loaded object model and using spherical mapping.

Any help, comment, or advice will be deeply appreciated!