when I draw a sphere into 640*480 window it doesn’t look like sphere - it looks like elipsoid (?) .how to fix that ? (i dont want to resize the window)

I don’t understand how can see an elipsoid because normaly your computer screen is in 4/3 format and 640x480 too …

See you the result on a 16/9 TV screen ?
If it’s the case, you have to draw yourself an elipsoid for to view a true sphere on your 16/9 screen (or make a glScale call for resizing the X, Y and Z axes of your sphere, I haven’t here the goods sx,sy,sz values for this call but it isn’t very hard to find).

On another side, perhaps this can be the result on a bad matrix manipulation …


You gotta specify the aspect ratio in glViewport (which is 1.33333… on 4/3 window) and then setup a Projection matrix (See gluPerspective for this).

Hi !

Make sure that you set the aspect ratio correct in your resize “handler”

gluPerspective(), if you are using it.