I’m using texture mapping and it slows everything way down. Is there anyway to get around this?

also, I want to put a bmp background on my scene. Can I do this without creating a huge wall?

For the background is more fast use a bitmat and draw the pixels with glDrawPixel than apply a texture to a plane on the back of the scene.

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glDrawPixels is not going to be quicker than texturing a single Quad. On my system without hardware acceleration, texturing a quad for the background is over twice as fast, and I am sure on systems with T&L support, it would do better than that. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that glDrawPixels causes a stall in the rendering pipeline and has some major overhead associated with it. Drawing a textured quad does not cause any of these problems.

Make sure that you disable any unneeded states before drawing your quad, i.e., lighting, blending, etc.,.

A texture shouldn’t slow you down, unless you’re using software rendering, or setting the texture each frame.