SpaceTime Screen Saver (Free Source Code)

SpaceTime Screen Saver for Mac OS X is an emmersive, fully 3D screen saver featuring:

[ul][li] animated Warp Field effect viewable in all three dimensions with blended lighting for additional visual impact.[*] customizable settings for warp speed, star density, enabling effects, selecting 3DS meshes, etc.[/ul][/li]Utilizes my Mesh3DS Framework to enable loading basic 3D Studio MAX (.3ds) meshes easily.

Free as in beer, free as in speech, complete Cocoa source code and Project Builder v2.1 files are provided for SpaceTime Screen Saver, Mesh3DS Framework and a sample program called Display3DS.

No warrantees or restrictions apply to this code; use it as you like in your own projects or to learn Cocoa and/or OpenGL programming on OS X.

SpaceTime is currently untested on Panther; so I’d be grateful if someone would compile SpaceTime with Xcode and contact me with the results at: (I donated my sunflower imac to my daughter, a senior in college, as she needs the mac way more than I do).

If you find this code useful or instructive, a PayPal donation of a dollar or two would help me replace the mac next year.

Otherwise, if any of this code helps you with Cocoa and/or OpenGL programming on OS X, it has served its purpose.


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You should announce this on when it comes back up. That way more than 5 people might read it

Okay, to the 5 people that might read this forum: SpaceTime now runs on Panther.

Apple released Panther 10.3.3 the other day which finally includes fixes to OpenGL driver bugs that had previously prevented SpaceTime from working on Panther.

Full source code available via the link above.

I wrote SpaceTime hoping it’s suitable for use by those wishing to learn basic OpenGL skills on Mac OS X.

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