SpaceTime Screen Saver (Beta 2)

SpaceTime Screen Saver (Beta) for Mac OS X has been updated.
This release features System Preferences panel support to adjust more operating settings and a deep field SkyMap for additional visual impact.

Also new is multiple 3D Studio MAX mesh support, although this beta release currently supports only untextured meshes.

Pure Cocoa sources are availble for a sawbuck ($10); the price of two pints of Double Diamond.

BTW: for a really neat effect whereby SpaceTime becomes your animated background image, just select SpaceTime as your default screen saver via System Preference and enter this command to the Terminal app on Mac OS X (Jaguar):

/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background &

Yes, it’s all on one line and that is an Ampersand (&) character at the end. Enabling this trick does slow things down somewhat, but it’s severely cool.

To cancel the effect, just kill the ScreenSave PID as reported by the ‘top’ command, or simply logout.

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