[Sort of OFF-topic] - screen recording

Sorry for this offtopic. Im trying to record an openGL screen. Now Im currently using Blueberry Flashback. It has “Record games or videos” mode but it still does a poor job. It slows down the application and the video is even slower. Well, I hava a really old laptop(core2duo 1.86GHz, crap integrated vidcard, 1.5G RAM). Have I any chance with this? It doesnt matter if it slows down the app but I want the video to show the normal FPS. If I dont then what PC would I need? Is it the RAM or the CPU? Thanks

Try maybe this one :

It allows for example to capture 60fps from a demo whatever the actual power of the machine.

Thanks! Thats what I needed(well …no. a new PC:)) The video is perfect but the app becomes 10x slower. I need it for demos, it will be OK.